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Due to COVID-19, the school “Meto Bajraktari” goes to online learning

SHFMU “Meto Bajraktari” in Pristina from tomorrow goes to distance learning after NIPHK has confirmed the presence of COVID-19 to four teachers of the school, as well as 8 students and 2 technical staff.

The School Task Force has held an urgent online meeting and according to the recommendations of the NIPHK and based on the instructions of the Protocol, to prevent further distribution of COVID-19, has decided from tomorrow the regular teaching from scenario A and B of pass to Scenario C, for two weeks, until 25.03.2021.

The School Task Force has drafted a plan for continuing online learning during these two weeks. Pre-primary classes will hold online learning according to the online platform, supplemented and followed by online meetings of teachers with students, but also under the supervision of parents with the following schedule:

– First classes 17: 30-19: 00;

– Second Classes 12: 45-14: 25;

– Third grades 13: 35-15: 15;

– Fourth grades 13: 50-15: 30;

– Fifth grade 14: 05-15: 45;

– Sixth and seventh grades 10: 30-13: 06;

– Eighth and ninth grades 07: 30-10: 06.

It is recommended that all students attend E-learning through RTK channel 4. The whole teaching and learning process will be followed through E-school and virtual meetings with teachers and in cooperation with parents.

As a result of the increase in the number of people diagnosed with COVID-19, all teachers and children of SHFMU “Meto Bajraktari” are recommended to enter isolation in the next two weeks according to the recommendations of NIPH.

We will inform you in time for any change “, it is said in a post of the Task Force of SHFMU” Meto Bajraktari “on Facebook.

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