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The previous deputy head of SBPOK has been remanded in custody

G. P. had previously denied at the hearing in the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade that, with his influence in the Ministry of the Interior, he urged that the previously temporarily seized armored car be returned to one person, who is now in custody, on the same day.

At the request of the prosecution, he was remanded in custody by a pre-trial judge in order not to influence witnesses, the High Court announced.

On this decision Mr. P. and his defense counsel have the right to appeal within three days.

Prosecution spokeswoman Ivana Rakočević specified for Tanjug that he was questioned on suspicion of having committed the crime of trading in influence and added that the prosecution would conduct further investigation.

The crime of trading in influence is punishable by one to eight years in prison.

As suspected, Mr. P. On April 15, 2020, using his position as the head of the SBPOK, he mediated that no official action should be performed, ie he demanded from the then head of the Police Administration for the City of Belgrade that the person who is now in custody be immediately return the armored vehicle which was then temporarily seized from him.

The media reported that it was the vehicle of Marko Miljković, who, together with Veljko Belivuk, is charged with being the organizer of a criminal group suspected of murder, drug trafficking, and possession of weapons. On the same day, the vehicle was returned to Miljković.

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