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Antonio Guterres: 2022 to be the yr of restoration

In his New Year’s message, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for 2022 to be a year of recovery “for the people, the planet and prosperity”.

“Let us work together to recover our decision for 2022, to unite around solutions that can help all people, to move forward together with the hope of what our human family can achieve.” Guterres said in a message on the official UN website.

He stated that the world is looking forward to 2022 with hopes for the future that are being tested due to deepening poverty, increased inequality, unequal distribution of vaccines against COVID, unfulfilled climate obligations, as well as ongoing conflicts, divisions and misinformation. .

According to him, these are not only tests of politics, but also tests of morality and real life.

“These are the tests that all of humanity can pass if we commit to 2022 as a year of recovery for all,” said the top UN official.

Guterres explained in detail how recovery should be accomplished on each front.

According to him, the pandemic requires “a clear plan for vaccination of every person, anywhere in the world”, while for economic recovery it is necessary for the richest countries to support the developing world through “financing, investment and debt relief”.

Meanwhile, in order for the world to recover from disbelief and division, it is necessary, as he claims, to place a new emphasis on “science, facts and reason.”

At the same time, recovery from conflict requires “a renewed spirit of dialogue, compromise and reconciliation,” while the recovery of our planet requires “efforts to address climate change, which are commensurate with the scale and urgency of the crisis,” Guterres said. .

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