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At least nine flood victims in US – Latest News

At least nine flood victims in US

September 02, 2021 – 16:38

The remnants of Hurricane Ida caused heavy rains and flooding in some parts of the United States.

Authorities reported at least nine deaths in New York and New Jersey.

New York City declared a state of emergency after being hit by record rainfall.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city was “experiencing a historic weather event”, with “brutal floods” and “dangerous conditions” on the streets.

Images on social media showed large amounts of water spilling into subway stations and into people’s homes.

The state of New Jersey also declared a state of emergency.

The National Weather Service said it recorded 8 inches of rain in New York Central Park in one hour.

New York police urged people to stay away from the streets, while the Fire Department said it was responding to calls from across the city.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also urged residents to stay inside.

“Please stay off the road tonight and let our first responders and emergency services finish their work. If you plan to go out, do not go out. Stay off the subway. Stay away from the roads. “Stay inside,” de Blasio wrote on Twitter.

Most of the city subway was closed, while many train services and flights out of New York and New Jersey were suspended.

During the day, the storm also hit Pennsylvania, Dellauer, Maryland and Washington. The winds left tens of thousands of people without electricity, while the rains caused rapid flooding.

In parts of Pennsylvania 22 inches of rain fell over a 48-hour period.

In Maryland, one person died and another disappeared after their apartment complex was flooded, leaving at least 150 people homeless.

Tropical Storm Ida hit the state of Louisiana on Sunday as a Category 4 hurricane.

Hundreds of thousands of homes in Louisiana are left without electricity, while the city of New Orleans has set curfews overnight.

Many factors contribute to flooding, but the warm atmosphere, caused by climate change, makes extreme rainfall more likely.

The world has warmed by about 1.2 degrees Celsius since the industrial age began and temperatures will continue to rise unless governments around the world make big cuts in gas emissions. / REL

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