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Bahtiri indicates whether he was informed by Kurti about license plate work and action in the north – Latest News

Bahtiri indicates whether he was informed by Kurti about the license plate work and the action in the north

The Mayor of Mitrovica, Agim Bahtiri spoke about today’s action of the Kosovo Police to replace Serbian license plates with temporary Kosovo license plates.

Asked if he was informed by Prime Minister Kurti about this action, Bahtiri told T7 that he does not want to enter into this topic, as he considers it a sensitive topic.

“I had not entered into this topic because the action is not over yet, it is taking place, it is a sensitive situation, so I had asked you to save me from this question,” said Bahtiri.

He also spoke about today’s reactions about the fact that this is being done for the election campaign.

“Absolutely not, this is a promise given by Albin Kurti and it is being implemented point by point, we are taking safe steps without turning back an inch. “This is not about a campaign, it is a promise that must be fulfilled”, Bahtiri further said.

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