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Over eight thousand energetic instances with COVID-19

Currently in Kosovo there are 8 thousand 903 active cases of COVID-19. Most active cases were recorded again in the Municipality of Prishtina. There are currently 1,803 active cases of coronavirus in the capital.

In the country according to the latest report of the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo (NIPHK) there has been a decrease in deaths and new cases of COVID-19.

NIPHK on Monday reported 6 deaths and 48 cases which were positive for coronavirus.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, state and health institutions have decided on measures. As of August 30, the citizens of Kosovo are obliged to respect the antiCOVID-19 measures.

The antiCOVID-19 measures will be in force until 26 September.

AntiCOVID-19 vaccination is also required to protect against COIVD-19. 1,176,154 doses of the vaccine have been given since the vaccination process. Whereas, to date 441,622 citizens have been vaccinated with the second dose

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