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Bajaga performed the primary dance on the lavish marriage ceremony of Mate Rimac and Katarina Lovrić

Mate Rimac and his wife Katarina organized a real celebration in the vicinity of Livno this weekend. After the church wedding, they decided to make a bigger ceremony for friends and family and once again confirm their love.

After the newlyweds left the church, the column with the bride and groom headed to Livanjsko polje, where the wedding festivities were held.

“Just enjoy tonight, just relax, just lightly. This is not a wedding, this is a party, “the groom told the guests.

Then Katarina addressed the guests, saying that they were lucky, because Mate likes to talk a lot.

“The most expensive one goes from me, from my village, village to my village, from mine to my village, and it goes like this – Don’t bother us,” said Katarina and laughed at her friends and relatives.

The first dance, according to Katarina’s wish, was performed by the newlyweds with the song Badem i so, which was personally performed by Momcilo Bajagić Bajaga.

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