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Biden: US side with European allies in confrontation with Russia – Latest News

Biden: US on the side of European allies in confrontation with Russia

June 06, 2021 – 23:25

US President Joe Biden has vowed a few days before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that the United States will stand by Europe’s allies in confronting Russia. President Biden will leave for Europe on Wednesday for the G-7 summit and NATO summit, during which talks between him and Putin are scheduled for June 16 in Geneva.

The meeting comes at a time of deepening tensions between the two countries over a number of issues ranging from Russian interference in the US election, human rights abuses and accusations by Washington that Russia is harboring dangerous hackers on its soil.

In a statement published in the Washington Post, President Biden vowed to support “democratic alliances” in dealing with a number of crises and growing threats from Moscow and Beijing.

“We stand united in addressing Russia’s challenges to European security, starting with Russian aggression in Ukraine. “We will leave no room for doubt that the United States is committed to defending our democratic values, which cannot be separated from our interests,” the US president wrote.

“President Putin knows that I will not hesitate to respond to wrongdoing in the future,” Biden wrote. “When we meet, I will reaffirm the commitment of America, Europe and other democracies that think like us about human rights and dignity.”

Since taking office, President Biden has stepped up pressure on the Kremlin, calling Russian leader Vladimir Putin a “killer” at the time, which was met with strong criticism in Moscow. But both leaders have expressed hope that relations will improve. / KlanNews

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