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Two tragic accidents today, Haradinaj consoles Ramadani and Gjergjaj families – Latest News

Two tragic accidents today, Haradinaj consoles the Ramadani and Gjergjaj families

Two serious traffic accidents occurred today during the day, one in Koshare of Ferizaj where four members of the Ramadani family died and a self-accident on the Peja-Prishtina road, from which the driver of the vehicle lost his life, reports Zeri.info.

Many heads of institutions expressed their condolences for the accident in Koshare, appealing for caution in traffic.

Even the head of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj has consoled the relatives of the victims and has appealed to the citizens to increase care in traffic.

“Our hearts are with the Ramadani and Gjergjaj families, who lost their loved ones in today’s accidents. “I appeal to all citizens of Kosovo to increase caution in traffic and I wish that no family experiences such tragedies,” Haradinaj wrote on Facebook. / Voice

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