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Bora Zemani “joins” with her ex-boyfriend and the reason for this was Arbor

The most “IN” moderator of the moment, Bora Zemani and DJ Vin Veli have become together again. The reason for this is the motive of their life, their son Arbor.

Today the latter had the feast of the Primer, successfully closing the first grade.

It was Bora herself who posted on Instagram some photos from this important moment of their lives, where it is noticed that on the Arbor party are grandmothers, uncles and many other family members.

“As soon as you grew up, Arbor, I think about everything new, ‘this is the most beautiful day of my life.’

Even today I thought… at least for half of the holiday that I managed to calm down that in the beginning everything was turbulent from tears and beautiful emotions, how proud we are of you Arbor!

My little one, big as the world, I love you endlessly, I can’t wait for the other most beautiful days of my life that only you give me! ”, Zemani wrote next to the photos, thrilling everyone.

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