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BOTTOM OF DNA! Cameras on Zlatibor filmed a younger man STOLE A BOX WITH SUPPLEMENTS for the therapy of little Minja

Photo: flash

Judging by the videos, the thief is a younger man who is still being searched by the police.

The theft happened around 3.30 pm near the Zlatibor market, and the box was located in front of a beauty salon that has video surveillance. According to the estimate of Dušica Ivanović, from Zlatibor, who organized the collection of aid for Minja Matić, a thirteen-month-old girl who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, there was about 50,000 dinars in the box.

– The video shows a short-haired man in a dark green jacket, gray torn jeans and black sneakers approaching the salon. He had a protective mask on his face. He took the box and started running. According to the testimony of the guy who sells souvenirs at the market and who chased him, Dusica Ivanovic ran past the hotel “Dunav” through the forest – a story for “Blic”.

The thief, she continues, stopped at a restaurant, but he also fell into the focus of the camera.

– It was filmed here without a mask, in a blue sweatshirt. He broke the box, took out a part of the money and hid it in a green jacket, which he took off and carried in his hand. At the bottom of the box, he left, I don’t know for what reason, a small part of the money, and then he continued to run away – says Dušica Ivanović.

The police, she explains, determined that the same man was on both recordings, and asked everyone who recognized him to call the Zlatibor Police Station on the phone number 031-841039.

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