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Bulgaria: Separating Albania from Northern Macedonia in EU Negotiations – Latest News

Bulgaria: Separate Albania from Northern Macedonia in negotiations with the EU

This year, despite a shift in attitude from skeptical countries like the Netherlands, the two countries’ sentencing decision was influenced by Bulgaria’s veto over its largely identity disputes with Macedonia’s neighbors.

But Bulgaria, meanwhile, at the EU General Affairs Council convened in June, demanded that Albania’s prospects not be blocked because it deserved negotiations.

Ora News contacted the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out about the debates of that day between the top European diplomats in Luxembourg.

The Press Office stressed that there were no reservations about Albania.

“For us, the principle of merit of each candidate country remains the guiding principle in the enlargement process. Based on this and the progress achieved by Albania in meeting the relevant conditions, we called on the recent Council to approve the Negotiation Framework with Albania.

Bulgarian diplomacy appreciates the integration reforms in Albania, but nevertheless urges the government to pursue them in the civic interest.

“Albania’s efforts seem even more convincing given the two circumstances, such as the difficulties from the Covid-19 pandemic and the recovery from the 2019 earthquake. “It’s important that the other government pursues them with the same commitment.”

Bulgaria’s vision for the Western Balkans region is for its full integration into the European Union. With Albania, Bulgaria has almost 100 years of diplomatic relations and aims to strengthen the bilateral partnership with the Bulgarian minority in the country.

“Albanians remain among the citizens with the most pro-European orientation in the Western Balkans. “This is a welcome fact that shows the choice and geopolitical orientation of the country.”

While the positive position for Tirana is known, Sofia has stated that she will continue the dialogue with Skopje on issues still unresolved with confidence, that by addressing them, the two candidate countries can open negotiations with the European Union, within the Slovenian presidency. oranews.tv/

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