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Can I take the capital PDK / Lladrovci shows his expectations for Prishtina

The candidate for mayor of Drenas from the ranks of PDK, Ramiz Lladrovci, said that there is no expectation from his subject that he will take over the capital for 4 years.

Lladrovci, in the show ‘Pressing’ said that his expectations are for the PDK to keep the municipalities that it currently governs, as well as to win two more.

“I do not expect the PDK to win Pristina, I expect the PDK to win Mitrovica, Ferizaj, Drenas, Shtime, Kaçanik and Dragash. I expect to win Prizren, we are not bad in Klina, although the situation was different. But, I expect these 7-8 municipalities to win. “I do not know who wins Skenderaj”, he declared.

Lladrovci also spoke about the problems within the party in the city of Drenas. Meanwhile, there was a message for Albin Kurti’s Vetëvendosje.

“You (Vetëvendosje) have it even worse than the PDK in Drenas. To know it as Vetëvendosje. “Because all the perpetrators, a large part of the perpetrators of PDK have gone to Vetëvendosje and other parties because they have not found PDK anymore”, said Lladrovci.

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