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Court in India: Deaths of COVID-19 patients due to lack of oxygen are genocide – Latest News

Court in India: Deaths of COVID-19 patients due to lack of oxygen are genocidePhoto: AFP

May 04, 2021 – 23:10

A court in India on Tuesday said the deaths of Covid-19 patients due to lack of oxygen were a “criminal act and no less than a genocide”, according to a trial posted on the court’s website.

The Allahabad Supreme Court, which has jurisdiction over India’s most populous state in Uttar Pradesh, said: by those entrusted with the task of ensuring the ongoing procurement and supply chain of liquid medical oxygen ”.

Uttar Pradesh is among the states hardest hit in India’s second deadliest wave of pandemic.

In a strong criticism of the Uttar Pradesh government’s handling of the crisis, the state high court cited videos showing piles of oxygen cylinders and poor people begging for an oxygen cylinder.

“We find this news to show a completely opposite picture to that claimed by the (state) government that there was a sufficient supply of oxygen,” the court said.

The court noted two specific stories of Covid-19 patients suspected of dying from a lack of oxygen in the cities of Meerut and Lucknow and appealed to the state government to take “immediate remedial action” and ordered an investigation into both cases, writes A2.

The state government will not yet formally respond to the trial.

The court also noted that the Covid-19 protocol and guidelines could have been rejected during the counting of votes in the recent local elections and ordered election authorities to provide counting centers.

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