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Sejdiu: Over 60 percent of doctors have been vaccinated against COVID-19 – Latest News

Sejdiu: Over 60 percent of doctors have been vaccinated against COVID-19

The President of the Kosovo Chamber of Physicians, Pleurat Sejdiu, has announced that over 60 percent of health staff facing the COVID-19 pandemic have been vaccinated so far.

Sejdiu in the Special Edition of Klan Kosova announced that even with the contingent of vaccines that came today will initially be vaccinated doctors who failed to be vaccinated with the first one.

“We must be based on the official statement of the Ministry of Health which states that doctors will be the first to be vaccinated by this contingent.”

“From the vaccines that were received in Kukës as a donation from the Government of Albania and from the first contingent of vaccines that came to Kosovo, a total of 4,600 doctors were vaccinated.”

“Over 60% of the doctors who are in service have been vaccinated in two phases in our country and in Albania. We expect that there will be about 1600 doctors who will be vaccinated now with the contingent that has arrived today “, said Sejdiu.

Among other things, Sejdiu spoke about the reluctance of doctors to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Some of the doctors are pregnant and some of them are at a young age who have antibodies and have considered that they should not get the vaccine. “They should not hesitate at all except for pregnant doctors. The rest should not discuss getting the vaccine and the health personnel should be vaccinated anyway.”

“Our colleagues should keep in mind that the fear of the Indian variant already exists and thus would bring greater trouble and vaccination should not be discussed. “The eyes of the people are with us and everyone should be vaccinated”, said Sejdiu.

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