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Daut Haradinaj visits businesses in Prishtina: Young people with creative ideas will be supported

The candidate for mayor of Prishtina from the ranks of AAK, Daut Haradinaj in the continuation of visits to businesses in the capital, today visited Agrando Sh.pk, a company which has its scope of activity in the sale of agricultural products in Europe.

Through a post on his Facebook account, Haradinaj said that it is a pleasure to see young entrepreneurs in the Capital who show success with their businesses.

“It is a pleasure to see how young entrepreneurs in the capital are showing tremendous success with their businesses. Today I visited Agrando Sh.pk, a business whose economic activity is the sale of agricultural products in Europe, mainly in Germany, Austria and France, with special emphasis on the digitalization of agricultural trade throughout Europe, where they are committed to a sustainable market. “Agriculture in which market participants can do business with each other more efficiently and successfully,” said Haradinaj.

He said that Agrando is a success story, which has 90 employees and above average salary in Kosovo. “With a staff of 90 workers, where the salary is above the average in Kosovo, and with a plan to increase the number of employees to 450 by 2025, Agrando is a success story and a good example for our young people who with creative ideas “Success is possible in our country”, said Daut Haradinaj.

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