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Did anyone become an Emergency after overdoing it with baklava and cakes? – Latest news

Did anyone become an Emergency after overdoing it with baklava and cakes?

Today many may have overdone it with baklava and cakes.

But, someone even saw the hassle of eating these foods that are traditional for the Eid holiday and are almost absent in any home.

There were some that were made for the Emergency Clinic at UCCK.

The doctor on duty at this clinic, Vjollca Haklaj, said that during the day there were citizens who asked for medical help, adding that the consumption of sweets has affected especially patients with diabetes and hypertension.

“This has had a greater impact on the internship where patients with hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or stomach problems come in most.”

However, the largest number of those who went to the Emergency was as a result of numerous accidents that occurred on the day of Eid al-Fitr.

“Like every holiday, today the number of patients has been significantly higher in the afternoon, while in the morning there has been a smaller influx of patients. The influx started at 12:30, while it continues even now as we have the Resuscitation and Internism section filled with patients “.

“Patients who ask for more help, as in every holiday and today, are from accidents that are in large numbers including all regions, but today with the largest number of accidents have been Prishtina, Podujeva, Fushë Kosova and municipalities other ”.

Haklaj, in Klan Kosova, stated that the persons who sought help at the Emergency Clinic of UCCK were with minor, medium and more serious injuries, but fortunately no deaths were recorded.

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