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Did I take bread with me during the holidays in the Maldives? The well-known moderator speaks without gloves

Today in the invitation at 5 with Bieta Sulon was invited Lei Kraja to comment on the much commented vacation in Maldives.

As a start she commented on the photo without clothes covered with palm leaves, explaining that she was not without clothes but wearing a bathing suit.

In the face of some situations between vacations in the Maldives and Velipoja, Lei did not expect him to return some honest answers and full of jokes.

Asked if there would be less complex to take bread with me during holidays in the Maldives or Velipoja, the moderator said that it is easier in Velipoja.

“In the Maldives it was terribly very hot, the sun knew everything, there was no shade, there was no opportunity to go there so I will choose Velipoja.

“I have shade there, I’m fresh, I do not want heat to explode”, she said.

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