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Dismissed Constitutional Court Judge Suspected of Assassinating Haiti President – Latest News

The dismissed judge of the Constitutional Court, suspected of assassinating the President of Haiti

July 31, 2021 – 11:49

Haiti police on Friday dropped new charges against a former Constitutional Court judge over her links to the assassination of President Jovenel Moise this month, saying she had met with several Colombian mercenaries who are accused of killing the head of state.

The assassination of the president has plunged Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, into even deeper chaos, and has sparked an international search for mercenaries and masterminds of the crime in both the Americas.

Haiti police earlier this week issued an arrest warrant for Ms. Ëendelle Coq-Thelot, a former Constitutional Court judge who was fired along with two other judges in February this year when the now-deceased president suspected he was a coup was being prepared.

The location of the suspect is not known and she was unavailable to give any comment, writes Reuters, Gazeta Express reports.

Colombian mercenaries and Haitian-Americans arrested after the president’s assassination have said they met with former Judge Coq-Thelot, according to Inspector General Marie Michelle Verrier.

“Some of them have hinted that they have been to Mrs. Coq-Thelot’s house twice. “These people have given details of the documents signed during the meetings in her house”, said Inspector Verrier.

She also reported that police raided the main house and several other residences of the suspected former judge as well as published notices of her search by police.

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