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Does Serbia have sufficient cybercrime consultants?

Nebojša Jokić from the Cyber ​​Security Foundation says that Serbia has a shortage of experts in that field, and that the situation is the same all over the world.

“It’s a problem that will happen in the future, we have a shortage of cyber security experts, this is recognized all over the world,” said Jokić, pointing out that this is why competitions in this area are being organized.

He adds that it is a call that requires a lot of knowledge at the top level and that it will happen not only to organizations, but also to individuals to be the targets of cyber attacks.

“Each of us at work and privately must do everything we can to protect ourselves,” said Jokic.

He says that the Foundation has existed since 2015, and that its existence has been formalized since 2020. It consists of over 40 organizations – state bodies, NGOs, independent experts…

The foundation also organizes a competition in the field of cyber security – they received over 160 applications, 85 competitors entered the second round, and the final will be held on September 28.

Mirko Nikić is one of the hopes that one day Serbia will have enough experts – he represents Serbia at the European competition for cyber security in Vienna.

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