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Dog sent off by referee for invading football pitch in Serbia

A dog that repeatedly entered a soccer field in Serbia on February 5 was “shown” the red card and taken off the field by the referee.

According to local reports, the dog interrupted a friendly match between Serbian second division Radnicki 1923 Kragujevac and Kolubara Lazarevac almost four times.

In a now viral picture originally posted by Sportski žurnal, a Serbian sports daily shows that referee Marko Ivkovic shows the dog a red card on which the players were being watched.

Look over here:

Serbia News

In a friendly between Kolubara and Radnički Kragujevac, an overexcited dog entered the game FOUR times. After the dog’s fourth incursion, the dog was removed from the field by the referee and when he refused to leave the field the match was abandoned. pic.twitter.com/eu9HFto8gX

– Richard Wilson (@timomouse) February 5, 2021

The dog reportedly chased the ball relentlessly every time it walked onto the pitch before finally running away, according to a Reuters report.

Check out some of the responses here:

Craig Paws-off

– radioheadtim (@radioheadtim) February 5, 2021

Bullshit call. Hopefully the league will blame that ref. Time to see real punishments.

– City of Thorns (@CityofThorns) February 5, 2021


– @eliasbada (@eliasbada) February 6, 2021

This dog just wanted to play. Let the dog play !!

– gerardo (@ gerardo8al) February 6, 2021

Ruff justice.

– danny_tolhurst (@danny_tolhurst) February 5, 2021

That’s it. Football has officially reached its peak. A dog was given a red card for refusing to leave the field during a game between Kolubara and Radnički Kragujevac in Serbia. This picture is a work of art pic.twitter.com/J8Znq2FvsL

– Jack Kenmare (@jackkenmare_) February 5, 2021

According to the report, Radnicki lost 3-0 to Kolubara in the game in 1923.

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