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“Don’t ask me for another 5-6 years”, Elita “gets nervous” in the fans

Elita Rudi has opened a questionnaire on instagram.

The wife of the rapper Gjiko has decided to be close to her fans, who closely follow the well-known moderator.

The questions addressed to him are varied, but most about privacy.

One of the fans asked Elite when will you have the 3rd baby?

Meanwhile, Elita has responded a bit as nervous as it is known that she has not and for a long time given birth to her daughter Bota.

“As you know, I have not had time to give birth to a daughter, do not ask me this question for another 5-6 years, after 5 years I will see how I am feeling”, said Elita, not denying the possibility for a child even though in a distant future./ News

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