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Driving 208 km per hour, the 21-year-old is blocked by a luxurious “Audi”

The Traffic Police of the Albanian state has blocked a vehicle type “Audi” of the citizen HM (21), due to speeding, circulating at 208 km per hour in the Fier Bypass.

The 21-year-old resident of Kamza was also denied a driving license for 6 months and administrative measures of 80,000 new lek were imposed, for speeding, lack of security, the first glass covered with a black bag, circulation without a license on its own and is a debtor with 6 fines without payment.

The Traffic Police appeals to drivers to respect the traffic signs, as in all the roads of the country there are radars and presence of the Traffic Police, also equipped with drones, dragons, cameras and cameras.

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