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DELTA SOY DOMINATES SERBIA: Detected in 23 extra individuals, contaminated greater than 90 % of sufferers


The Delta strain of the corona virus, which arrived in Serbia at the beginning of July, has already taken absolute dominance in our desire, says for Telegraf.rs prof. Dr. Tanja Jovanović, from the Institute of Microbiology of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, who does genome sequencing.

Prof. Dr. Jovanović, who is also a member of the Crisis Staff for the fight against the corona virus, reveals for our portal that more than 90 percent of patients are infected with the Indian or delta strain, and points out that the processed data have shown that.

– The data that were read today show that the delta strain is dominant and that 90, even more than 90 percent of infected patients have it – says prof. Dr. Jovanović for Telegraf.rs.

Last week, the Institute for Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut” told our portal that the delta strain was confirmed in 14 people in our country. Today, we were referred to the Institute of Microbiology of the Medical Faculty for new information.

Prof. Dr. Jovanović, however, could not tell us the exact total number, but she revealed that only in this group of samples, which was completed today, 23 samples were positive for delta strain.

– And those are the samples from July and August that were analyzed. This practically means that in the current phase, we can freely say the fourth Wave, we have the dominance of the delta variant – said prof. Dr. Jovanovic.

As the Ministry of Health announced on July 1, the delta variant was discovered in Serbia by two citizens of our country, who had previously returned from abroad. Apparently from Russia.

Both patients were younger, unvaccinated, and were in stable general condition at the time. They were not vaccinated.

The delta strain of the corona virus was first discovered in India. In the Western Balkans, it was first identified in Croatia on June 28, then in Kosovo on June 29.

The Indian or delta strain of the corona virus, also known as a double or double mutant, is spreading unstoppably across the planet and is not characterized by a loss of sense of taste and smell.

The new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus worried the scientists, who immediately gave it the name “double mutant” due to a double change in the spike protein.

In India, the two mutations appeared together, which is why it is often referred to as a “double mutant”. This fact does not necessarily mean that the variant is twice as contagious or dangerous, it has yet to be investigated, and so far there is no data.

In addition to delta soy, the British are also present in Serbia, which was confirmed in our country in January this year.

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