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Dumoshi for Kurti Government: Their failures continue in reducing pensions – Latest News

Dumoshi for the Kurti Government: Their failures continue in reducing pensions

Former Minister of Culture, Vlora Dumoshi has called the recent decision of the Government regarding pensions a step back from recovery.

According to Dumoshi, the decision of the Government of Albin Kurti to reduce pensions by 20 euros is a continuation of the failures of this government.

“They continue to fail in reducing pensions. They are one step behind the recovery. They have raised the standard of reducing the incomes that once disciplined others. They are dominating the decline. Here is what this government is creating, for example, there is no rise.” written Dumoshi.

She goes on to say that “government captors do not usually reflect on the most serious health conditions”.

“Every day they are extraordinarily lost. For the Republic they are showing that they are not ready to face the citizens. They are bringing the dream of power to the leadership without principle. The more they know, the more they can act,” Dumos wrote .

Her resignation came after today’s decision of the government to come to the aid of citizens and businesses. But, in the decision for pensioners and social schemes, the government has allocated 8.5 million euros, an amount which raises the income of these categories from the basic payment for 10 euros. From the Hoti government, these categories had benefited from an extra 30 euros basic payment. / Voice

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