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Easy methods to keep within the high 500 on the Shanghai record

The European University Alliance “Circle Yu” consists of seven European universities, including the University of Belgrade. She will soon be joined by the University of Vienna and the University of Pisa.

Prof. Ivanka Popović, rector of the University of Belgrade, says that intensive work is being done on the harmonization of our regulations and relations, and that is important for maintaining not only the University of Belgrade but also Serbia on the academic map of Europe.

There are also Erasmus exchange programs.

“They are now in big doubt whether they will move to live exchanges or stay on some online mobility. I think we will be able to make a decision in the fall, just as we will make decisions about how classes will be made this fall winter. I think that the decision will be made in September and the continuation of combined classes cannot be ruled out in these circumstances, which are still uncertain, “Popovic said.

The professors hope that the University of Belgrade will remain among the first 500 universities on the Shanghai list.

Ivanka Popović said that everyone is working to be on the Shanghai list.

“Some will work more, some less. The one who works the same as before will inevitably slip, because there are those who will work more intensively. I hope we will stay in the top 500, but I can’t be completely sure that it will. be, “she pointed out.

And the published data show that the University of Belgrade, based on indicators related to the work of its teachers, researchers and associates, is highly rated in 12 scientific fields. They are among the top five hundred.

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