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Elections in Presevo, Various for Change leads

The counting of votes in the polling stations in Presevo has not been completed yet.

The Chairman of the Municipal Election Commission, Kenan Kamberi has informed KosovaPress about the number of votes of political parties in today’s elections.

“Alternative for Change-5728 votes, Albanian Democratic Party-3973, Party for Democratic Action-3223, Albanian Democratic Union 431, Albanian Democratic Alternative-381, LNS 756”, he said.

Otherwise, about 42,000 citizens of Presevo had the right to vote to elect 38 representatives in the local parliament in 38 polling stations.

There are six Albanian parties in the race and one Serbian list. Ardita Sinani from the Party for Democratic Action is the only female candidate aiming to return to the helm of the municipality. For the mayor of the municipality in the race is also Shqiprim Arifi from Alternative for Change, Ragmi Mustafa from the Albanian Democratic Party, Naser Azizi from the Albanian Democratic Union, Armend Aliu from the Albanian Democratic Alternative and Sami Salihu from the Movement for Reforms.

The Municipal Assembly of Presevo was dissolved in mid-December 2020, as no session had been held since 27 August 2020.

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