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Munishi after Kosovo’s loss to Sweden: The coach is out of control, everyone is coming out strong for Kosovo – Latest News

Munishi after the loss of Kosovo to Sweden: The coach has got the situation out of control, everyone is coming out strong for Kosovo

March 29, 2021 – 00:39


Gjilan’s coach, Ismet Munishi reacted after the loss of the Kosovo Representative against Sweden at the “Fadil Vokrri” stadium in Prishtina, reports “Zeri.info”.

“Dardanët” suffered 0: 3 from Sweden in the first match of the elimination cycle in Group B.

Ismet Munishi said that the coach, Bernard Challandes, got the situation out of control, while he also talked about the match against Spain.

“We risk being last, this coach (Bernard Challandes) has nothing to give, the situation is out of control, in the last 12 games we have 10 losses”, said Munishi.

“They are strong, they are strong, who is weak for us, we have to beat someone, I do not expect victory from Spain, but at least we had to put Sweden in trouble, what game they watched, we were not equal to them . “Shut up, win over someone.”

“3-0 loss, we are the only team that lined up to make statements, they could not make fun of us, victory over weak opponents while we lose without interruption when it matters”, declared Munishi.

Otherwise, Kosovo will play the last match of March in these qualifications on March 31 against Spain. /Zeri.info

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