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EMERGENCY SITUATION IN MIONICA! There may be not sufficient water, an enchantment was despatched to the Serbian Military!

The municipality announces that an appeal will be sent to the Serbian Army to send a number of mobile cisterns with a capacity of 8,000 liters to Mionica, which would be used for water supply to households in the villages-

By order of the mayor and the president of the municipal headquarters for emergency situations, Boban Janković, 20 cisterns of 1,000 liters will be procured in order to ensure that drinking water is available to all citizens.

– The emergency situation will last until we provide sufficient water for regular water supply – said Janković after the session of the Municipal Headquarters for Emergency Situations.

A state of emergency has been declared in the six upper villages, Mratišić, Osečenica, Bukovac, Golubac, Rajković and Robaje.

At the session, a decision was made on a strict ban on the use of drinking water for irrigation and other purposes, during the emergency situation, and the inspection received an order to perform intensified supervision on the ground.

– Due to long-lasting droughts and drastically increased water consumption, the pressure in the city water supply has dropped and it is no longer able to deliver water to all users. The state of emergency is a temporary solution that allows us to provide sufficient amounts of water to the residents of Mionica who live in remote villages – it is stated in the announcement of the municipality.

At the same time, they are working on strengthening the capacity of the municipal water supply system, the authorities added.

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