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Disappointed, Ana Lleshi is separated from her boyfriend – the former well-known competitor

Ana Lleshi days ago celebrated her birthday with a party where friends and comrades of the former competitor were present and there were also characters from “Përputhen”.

Ana received many congratulations and gifts but the most special was definitely the one from her partner.

Elton, who a few days ago caught up with Anna revealing their relationship, gave his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers with a loving dedication.

“Happy birthday my soul, I love you to the last breath”, wrote Eltoni, who met Ana inside the program becoming part of him from the end but their relationship developed outside but apparently we have new not very strong good from the pair.

And as things were going miraculously in private life where many lovers appeared, the couple surprised us, they are no longer followed on social networks and Ana made us realize that something happened after the description in the last photo “People are full of words beautiful, but empty, meaningless “, writes Lleshi and this action made them think that the couple are separated.

Remember Elton was also present at the birthday party and the closeness with Anna confirmed the rumors of a “match” between the two former competitors.

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