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Uran Ismaili bun on Street C

The candidate of the Democratic Party of Kosovo for the mayor of Pristina, Uran Ismaili, is continuing his campaign by roaming in different neighborhoods of the capital.

After spending the night in the Peyton neighborhood, Ismaili was a guest on Street C with the famous artist Rrezarta Galica, with whose family they discussed the many troubles faced by the residents of the neighborhood.

Together with Rrezarta, Ismaili visited this neighborhood to see up close what it is like to live there.

Street C. A new neighborhood, but with many problems, from car “races” at night, to the serious danger of stray dogs. Many thanks to Rreen and Robin for the hospitality, and the time they gave us to give us an overview of this neighborhood. We agreed on one thing, Prishtina does not belong to the mayor. Prishtina belongs to the citizens, and belongs to everyone. We all love Prishtina and only together we can fix it. “Prishtina unites us”, Ismaili wrote on the social network Facebook.

At the end of this visit, as usually happens during these visits, together with the residents of the neighborhood Ismaili has arranged something in this neighborhood to give new common spaces to the road C.

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