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Endrit Krasniqi speaks after the ultimate with Inter Escaldes, needs extra success

Prishtina midfielder Endrit Krasniqi spoke last night after the final of the preliminary phase of the Champions League against Inter Escaldes, which “Plisat” won thanks to his two goals.

Krasniqi in this tournament, recorded three goals and one assist, respectively one goal and one assist against Folgores, and two goals against Inter Escaldes, thus helping Prishtina towards the placement in the elimination phase, KosovaPress reports.

The 26-year-old midfielder showed how important this match was for the club, where he also expressed the desire to achieve other successes.

“It was a very important match for the club. “Throughout the year we worked to come here, where we passed only the pre-elimination phase”, said Krasniqi.

“It is very important that we continue to remain that way as a group we are now, because that is the greatest strength of the team. We hope to continue and achieve other successes “, added the midfielder of Prishtina.

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