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Engaged before “Matching”? Jasmin Kadriu tells the truth

Jasmin Kadriu was one of the competitors who made more noise in the second edition of “Për’puthen”, especially because of her romance with Andin.

All of Albania turned its eyes away from the couple when Jasmina got the courage to kiss Andi for the first time on a live broadcast, while their frequent quarrels and reconciliations kept everyone connected behind the screen.

As public figures, numerous news were circulated about the characters of “Për’puthen”, while Jasmina was talked about up and down that she had been engaged before the show.

The former contestant responded to these allusions for the first time on InstaStory, while talking to her fans.

“Is it true that you were once engaged? “There is a lot of talk about you in Debar,” someone asked.

“I have not been in Debar since I was three years old, when I got engaged? “After I entered ‘Për’puthen’, because before that they did not even know me ahh, desolate people, solved all their problems, passed to mine,” she replied.

During the conversation Andy’s topic was reopened, while Jasmina made some unexpected statements.

“Why let a person you loved so much leave?” Someone asked, and everyone understood that it was Andy.

“Whoever wants to leave, has never been mine!”, Replied Jasmina, implying that it was Andy who ended the relationship between them.

Also, when asked if she is in a relationship, she did not give a very clear answer “I am simply no longer available”, the former competitor of “Për’puthen” answered.

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