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EU to remove Kosovo from travel red list – Latest News

The EU will remove Kosovo from the travel red list

Citizens of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro will be able to travel to European Union countries even without the necessary need. EU member states agreed on Wednesday with a proposal prepared by the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union. This decision is expected to take effect by the end of next week.

This decision means that citizens of these countries, including those who are not vaccinated against coronavirus, will be able to travel to EU countries.

Removal from the red list of trips is done due to the favorable epidemiological situation in these three states. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbia were included in the list of low risk from COVID-19.

Despite the fact that these countries are removed from the red list of travel, the citizens of these countries must respect some other rules against the pandemic.

The facilitation of travel conditions in the Western Balkan countries comes at a time when a large number of citizens residing in EU countries, originating from this region, go on annual vacation.

The Permanent Representatives of the EU member states are discussing today the new draft list, which, in addition to the Western Balkan countries, also includes Canada, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

EU Ambassadors have already approved it.

The EU updates the lists every two weeks, according to the epidemiological situation in each country separately.

To secure the status of a safe country, it must record a maximum of 75 coronavirus-positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.

In May, the European Union adopted the so-called “emergency brake”, based on which the travel ban can be reactivated for countries where the epidemiological situation is rapidly deteriorating.

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