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Foods Not to Eat in the Evening – Latest News

Food that you should not consume in the evening

If you are still with the old theory, which claims that after sunset, all foods have no limit, then it is time to clear up this misconception.

In fact, no health expert advises you to fill your stomach with any kind of food before bed, but it is not a shame to have a healthy, light dinner dish that will keep you full until you fall asleep.

But there is a food that nutritionists advise you to avoid at dinner. Not only because it does not allow you to sleep soundly, but also because it increases the amount of sugar in the body, which, as is well known, is a hindrance to good sleep.

It’s time to separate a fact from the fixation when it comes to cereals. A bowl full of cereal and milk before bed is not a bad choice, but not highly recommended for dinner.

If cereals are sweeter and most of them are colored – sugar can irritate you at night, increase blood pressure.

The good news is that not all cereals are out of bounds. Check labels carefully and choose brands that contain whole grains, sugar free and high in fiber.

A cup of cereal is good, but a bowl before bed will not help you feel comfortable before bed. / eo

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