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For the first time, Prince Harry talks about mental health problems

Prince Harry appeared as a guest on the new episode of the Dax Shepard Armchair Expert podcast, where he talked about his mental health and life as a prince.

When Shepard asked him what prompted him to go to therapy, Prince Harry explained:

“It was a conversation I had with my wife.

And she understood immediately.

She realized that I was hurt and that some of the things that were not in my control were making me very angry and this made my blood boil.

I have never shouted.

I have never screamed.

For me, the best way to unleash aggression is through boxing.

But for me, before I met Meghan, anger was very much related to the media.

The impotence I feel is my biggest Achilles heel.

Three times I felt completely helpless:

1 when I was a child in the back of the car with my mother being chased by the paparazzi;

2 in Afghanistan with an Apache s.attack helicopter and the third was with my wife.

These were the moments in my life when I was hurt by the fact that I felt powerless.

“I am really hurt,” he said.

Prince Harry also revealed that after moving to Santa Barbara with his family, his life has changed tremendously and that, at last, he feels a little freer.

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