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Former PDK assembly member dies in Gjilan, suspected of falling from the 5th floor of a residential building

Today in the early morning hours a woman was found without signs of life in Gjilan.

The Telegraph learns that vi.ktima is the former assembly member of the Democratic Party of Kosovo in Gjilan, Arzie Nuhiu.

Kosovo Police spokesman for the Gjilan region, Ismet Hashani confirmed for the Telegraph that the case happened around 03:00 in the morning.

“Today, July 21, at around 03:50 in the morning, the Kosovo Police in Gjilan has received the information that in the street ‘Raif Halimi’, in the back of one of the buildings on this street, a female body was noticed .

Police units from the Gjilan / Gnjilane police station rushed to the scene.

“Then it was identified by the family members that it is about AN (1977) female citizen of Kosovo, who was living on the fifth floor of the building on this street”, he said.

Hashani added that “the initial suspicions are that she fell from the balcony of her apartment where she lived”.

“The Emergency service (first aid) was present at the scene, where the doctor on duty of this unit ascertained the death.

The state prosecutor for ‘Serious Crimes’, regional investigation and forensic units presented at the scene.

The state prosecutor has ordered that the lifeless body be sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine – Prishtina.

“The circumstances and motives of how this serious case happened are still unknown,” he said.

Hashani stated that the case is currently described as “Suspicious death” and further investigations are being led by the Kosovo Police Regional Investigation Units in coordination with the State Prosecutor. / Telegraphy /

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