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Former PDK MP tells how Kadri Veseli did not recognize him after the drastic change in appearance

In recent days, the former PDK MP, Shukri Buja has been widely commented on the drastic change in appearance.

Buja in an interview for the morning show on T7, #Gjesi talked about this change.

He said that he has been exercising for 35 years, and also prefers to run every evening.

Meanwhile, when asked if people know him when they meet him, he replied:

“It is very difficult.

Except closely.

Meanwhile, some of the former leaders, when I was at the headquarters, did not even greet me because they did not even know me.

Everyone is surprised, especially the party leader, Kadri Veseli.

“He said do not change the look because you look more beautiful like this”, said Buja.

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