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Gastronomers Association urges Government to change point of anti-COVID measures – Latest News

The Gastronomers' Association demands from the Government to change a point of the anti-COVID measures in force

The Association of Gatronomers of Kosovo has expressed dissatisfaction with the new measures of the Government, in which case it has requested a change in one point in the decisions taken.

This association has asked to change the point where the Government has limited services only to the “open spaces” of the premises.

“Letter gj. point 34 of this decision provides that the meaning of the expression ‘enclosed space’ and ‘open space’ has the same meaning as the Law on Tobacco Control, where according to this Law, enclosed space is any space covered with a roof or ceiling, that is movable or immovable, and surrounded by two or more sides, regardless of the type of material used and regardless of whether the structure is permanent or temporary. Based on this point, and based on the terraces that a very large number of gastronomy bars have built, it turns out that they can not work! Consequently, such a point, as it is foreseen in this decision, we propose to leave, and to be allowed to work the premises that have these terraces, according to other points of this decision “, it is said in their announcement.

They also demanded that a measure for financial support be initiated and devised by the Ministry of Finance, for half of the rent of the premises and half of the salary of the workers for the gastronomy sector. / Voice

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