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Enthronement is an completely spiritual act and shouldn’t be given any political label

Metropolitan Joanikije said that the continuity of the Zeta episcopate, then the metropolitanate, from which the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral emerged, is so clear and so convincing that it is witnessed by the bishops and metropolitans of Zeta, and later by the Montenegrin and Montenegrin littoral metropolitans.

“I am the 56th bishop and metropolitan of this St. Sava metropolitanate, which was established 800 years ago, and the 41st metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral, who stands out in the Cetinje monastery. No continuity in Montenegro is as clear as this one, no right is so clear and brilliant. and undeniable as this, “said Metropolitan Joanikije.

According to him, the right to enthrone in that sanctuary belongs not only to him, but to the entire clergy, monks and faithful people of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral.

“If someone disputes that right, and especially those who constantly invoke the state as representatives and guardians of the state, let them try to challenge that right through the law and through legitimate institutions and processes, which can be initiated on that occasion,” said Metropolitan Ioannicius.

He appeals to everyone to preserve peace and brotherhood in Montenegro.

“The enthronement of the metropolitan in this case is exclusively a religious act and should not be given any political marks. In this more than tense situation in Cetinje and Montenegro, we wanted to contribute to the peace and stability of Montenegro, not to quarrel and discord among the brothers, especially not in Cetinje. And that is why we accepted the recommendations of smart people, well-meaning, that this gathering be exclusively of a religious character, to reduce it, but not to lose its essence, “said the Metropolitan.

He adds that there will be priests, representatives of church communities and several guests, and that is all that concerns the gathering.

“But despite that modesty, this gathering will be peaceful and blessed, and we hope that our wish will really come true, that everything will pass peacefully and that everyone who comes to Cetinje that day will bring peace in their soul, not hatred. and war, “said Metropolitan Joanikije.

According to him, His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia Mr. Porphyry, to visit Montenegro and bring peace and blessing to Montenegro, like all his predecessors, and adds that a large number of Serbian patriarchs throughout history have visited Montenegro and the Cetinje Monastery.

“I was ordained here with the blessing of our blessed Metropolitan by the hand of St. Patriarch Pavle, 22 years ago here in the Cetinje Monastery. This time we have important guests and I invite everyone to peacefully and joyfully welcome distinguished guests from other local Orthodox holy churches of God. Representatives, hierarchs of God, from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, from the Russian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Russian Church Abroad, the Polish Orthodox Church, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the Orthodox Church of the Czech and Slovak countries and the Albanian Orthodox Church, may be coming to us. that some other important guests from other local churches will come, “the metropolitan said.

He points out that they want Cetinje to be a city that is glad to come to, and not a city that is bypassed due to incidents and various problems.

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