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Gastronomers call for protest on Tuesday – Latest News

Gastronomers call for protest on Tuesday

The Association of Gastronomers of Kosovo has invited a protest for Tuesday at 18:00.

Petrit Kllokoqi from this association said that through this protest they want to open their eyes to the institutions regarding the situation of this sector.

“We have no pretensions to change the government, if we open our eyes to our leaders. “For 450 days now, there have been closed businesses without compensation”, he said, reports KlanKosova.tv.

“The measures no longer have any effect, that is, that four people are kept at one table, while the region holds festivals with four thousand and 40 thousand people. “We call for the release of the measures as we are before the arrival of the diaspora and not when the time comes for a campaign.”

He said that they do not want to lose another wine as a sector of gastronomy as a result of anti-COVID-19 measures.

“We are not going out to protest to damage state property, but to use our constitutional right.”

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