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GET READY FOR RAIN AND THUNDER! Right here is what sort of climate awaits us within the subsequent seven days!

In Serbia, in the afternoon, in the evening and during the night in the north and west, there will be clouds with rain, showers and thunder.

Morning temperature is expected from 11 to 20 degrees, the highest daily from 29 in the northwest to 35 degrees in the southeast.

In Belgrade mostly sunny and warm. Wind weak and moderate, southeastern in the morning, turning to northwestern in the afternoon, which will be occasionally strong. Morning temperature around 20, highest daily 33 degrees, and during the night cloud cover.

In the next seven days, until August 30, it will be noticeably cooler, except in the southeast where the temperature will drop, but the warm weather will still remain.

More precipitation is expected on Wednesday in the southwest and west of the country.

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