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Group E: Which national team needs what to go on? – Latest news

Group E: Which national team needs what to go on?

June 23, 2021 – 09:52

Latest news from the sport

The last matches of the group stage of the European Championship will take place today (Wednesday), writes Zeri.info.

There are four matches in the program to be developed, while two of them are within Group E.

Slovakia – Spain and Sweden – Poland, are the matches that take place from 18:00. From this group the passage is provided only by the Swedes.

The ranking is this:


Sweden has passed and will lead the group if it beats Poland. If Sweden loses and the next match ends in a draw, Sweden, Slovakia and Poland will share first place. Sweden will further qualify from the third position.

Slovakia needs a point to secure the passage. With a victory will lead the group, if Sweden does not win.

Spain will pass if they beat Slovakia. They will also go further if they draw and Poland do not win against Sweden.

Poland will only qualify further if it wins.

If Slovakia, Sweden and Poland all finish with 4 points (ahead of Spain with 3 points), then live matches will be watched. /Zeri.info

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