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Haradinaj: Kurti’s statements in Brussels were scandalous – Latest News

Haradinaj: Kurti's statements in Brussels were scandalousPhoto: Laura Hasani

AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj said that the statements of Prime Minister Albin Kurti in Brussels were scandalous.

Haradinaj spoke about Kurti’s statements at the Western Balkans leaders’ dinner held in May. Kurti said war criminals should leave institutions in the Balkans. The chairman of AAK and at the same time the deputy in the Assembly of Kosovo said that these statements were scandalous and the same with the former Minister Aleksandar Jablanovic.

Jablanovic called the mothers of war missing people “savages” in 2015 and then VV called for protests against his dismissal. Haradinaj says that these statements were the same.

“Then they demanded the dismissal of Jablanovic. “They asked Mustafa and went out in protest,” he told T7.

“He did not do it for the mothers, but for the boys who tried to protect those mothers. The boys of Gjakova have tried as hard as they can to protect the inhabitants against a much larger force. He had to be careful what he was talking about. “Serbia’s war crimes cannot be equated with any people of the former Yugoslavia, much less with the Albanians,” Haradinaj added./Express

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