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Haxhiu: MoH is intentionally lowering the variety of checks

The MP from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Bekim Haxhiu, has accused the Ministry of Healtḧ of reducing the number of tests deliberately to falsely present the decrease in the number of cases with Covid-19.

Haxhiu wrote on Facebook that out of 5,502 tests performed two days ago, 4,351 RT-PCR tests were performed today, or 1151 fewer tests.

“If the Ministry of Health wants to falsely reduce the number of cases, they can only do 50-60 tests as they did a year ago and you can get out of 5-6 cases yourself. MoH should not interfere in the work of NIPHK. “The pandemic is not defeated by reducing the number of tests, but by increasing the number of vaccinated,” he wrote.

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