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The pregnant woman who lost her baby after being beaten in Prishtina is an Albanian citizen

In the Ulpiana neighborhood of Prishtina, a citizen of Albania lost her child after being severely beaten by several men.

Somewhere in this neighborhood a serious crime was committed.

A woman was brutally beaten on the streets of Ulpiana in the capital.

And this criminal offense was committed by several persons.

Worse, the victim was pregnant and lost her baby to the blows to the abdomen.

It is learned that she is a citizen of Albania.

This was confirmed by the Kosovo Police itself, which initiated the case five days after the event.

Police have also announced that investigations into the case are ongoing at the Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, in the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, it seems that no such case has been reported.

Such cases of violence against women have become frequent, the latest being in Obiliq.

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