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Haziri regrets it, campaigns in Malisheva of Gjilan – Latest News

Haziri regrets it, he campaigns in Malisheva of Gjilan

One month before the official start of the election campaign, the current mayor and candidate for mayor of Gjilan from the ranks of LDK, Lutfi Haziri had stated that he would not campaign for the October 17 elections due to the pandemic situation. in place.

On August 19, in a television interview, Haziri stated that: “For the first time I am saying now that I have to make elections without a campaign. This comes after the citizens of Gjilan have given me the privilege and honor to have a positive assessment and after this service, I will make the elections without a campaign “, declared Haziri.

He had also stated that he would donate the money dedicated to the campaign to charity.

But a month after this statement, Haziri seems to have regretted breaking his commitment, writes Zeri.info.

Today, he published photos from an electoral rally in the village of Malisheva in Gjilan, where he was received by dozens of citizens, although with the decision of the Government, more than 20 people are not allowed to gather.

“In Malisheva I have always had the warm hospitality and maximum support. Thank you for the continued trust in me and the LDK. Most of the projects in this village have been completed,” Haziri wrote after the rally held in this village.

Many other mayoral candidates also pledged the same as Haziri, but every day more and more it is seen that they are violating their commitments to hold elections without a campaign or at least a shortened campaign. / Voice

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