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He slapped the opposing player, fined Eros Grezda – Latest News

He had slapped the opposing football player, Eros Grezda was fined

February 09, 2021 – 20:56

Croatian Osijek footballer Eros Grezda has been fined by a Croatian court for attacking an opposing player, Croatian media have reported.

After a match between Rijeka and Osijek, last year, Grezda slapped the Rijeka player, Antonio Mirko Çolak, who now plays for PAOK, in the face.

Grezda, 25, was found guilty of violating Article 13 of the Law on Minor Offenses, respectively of disturbing public order. He was fined 769.20 kuna (101.65 euros). According to the indictment, the incident occurred after the second semifinal match of the Croatian Cup, on May 31st last year.

Grezda, revolted for losing the match, called Çolaku and after approaching him, slapped him. Colak left and Grezda continued on to the bus. Grezda will also cover court costs.

In his defense Grezda wrote that he does not feel guilty. The Kosovar footballer said that he was irritated by Çolak’s behavior and his insults, while he apologized to this footballer once again.

The incident was filmed by cameras and had caused a stir in Croatia. Grezda, who has several appearances with Albania, has not been playing for months due to an injury.

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