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High number of cases with Covid-19 in Prishtina, about 400 patients a day seek medical help

In the Municipality of Prishtina, about 3,400 cases of COVID-19 continue to be active, while during the day in the Family Medicine Center in the Emshir neighborhood, where coronavirus patients are treated in the capital, up to 400 people are seeking medical treatment.

The Director of Health in Prishtina, Bujar Gashi says that during this period in the capital the number of positive people is extremely large.

Gashi: In Prishtina about 3 thousand 400 active cases

“About 3,400 active cases so far, which is an extremely large number, you know that in January we had about 1 thousand active cases, now it is the largest number of active cases”, declared the director of Health in Prishtina.

Gashi says that at the Family Medicine Center in the Emshir neighborhood the trend of patients seeking treatment is almost the same since the beginning of March. He emphasizes that within a day in this center are receiving services from 300 to 400 patients.

Gashi: Up to 400 patients are seeking treatment at QMF during the day

“Family Medicine Center number 7 continues to maintain a status of approximately the same situation of cases which require treatment in that center where approximately 300 to 400 citizens seek help in this center within the day that has been continuous that has been continuous The whole month of March was almost probably March 5-6, and from here to the end towards April it was almost every date or every day was with these values ​​where from 300 to 400 were brought, there were even up to 470 citizens who asked parenteral treatment at the Center in Emshir “, stressed Gashi.

The Director of Health in the capital, Bujar Gashi stated for KosovaPress that the Ministry of Health has not supplied them with 18 items of the essential list, but says that from this institution they have received confirmation that the supply will start soon.

Gashi stated that despite not being supplied by the MoH, there were no shortages for patients as they managed to secure these items with the Municipality’s own contracts.

He said that the two main antibiotics for the treatment of patients with coronavirus are located in the center where patients with COVID are being treated in the municipality of Pristina.

Gashi: We have not been supplied with 18 items of the essential list

“We have had some shortcomings, we continue to have, yesterday I was informed that I will be supplied with some of them, we have started some own procedures. There have been around 18 essential list items, medicines and consumables that have been missing for almost the last three months, yesterday I received confirmation that one of them will already be supplied, we have initiated an own procedure and I hope that by the end of next week we will complete them all. There were no major shortages because we did not allow them to be concentrated or centralized in Emshir so that COVID cases do not have to go out and buy in the private sector for basic issues or essential medicines as we discuss an infusion system, a patch, a cannula, a syringe or something but we have not allowed such a thing. We have had and continue to have the two main antibiotics, Cefriaxone and Ciprofloxacin. “There was a lack of supply with systems, with 100 ml NaCl, there was a lack of supply with a hygienic cotton wool”, he stressed.

The vaccination of health personnel with the AstraZeneca vaccine started on March 30 in Kosovo. Whereas, from April 8, the vaccination of persons over the age of 85 has started.

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