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How weddings will be organized after their permission – Latest News

How will weddings be organized after their permissionIllustrative Photo

The President of the Hotel Chamber has shown how anti-Covid measures will be observed during weddings.

It is the place where many people gather to celebrate their joys.

But hotels and wedding halls have been closed for weddings for more than a year.

This by decision of the Government as a preventive measure for Covid-19 disease.

And now after a long time in the last meeting with the Minister of Health Arben Vitia it has been announced that weddings will be allowed.

Meanwhile, only in this hall are reserved more than 30 dates for weddings during the summer.

This space here has 900 square meters, and with a new decision within it can be allowed about 350 people.

So based on the size of the hall will be determined the number of people who can attend the wedding.

How this works is shown by the President of the Kosovo Chamber of Hotel and Tourism, Hysen Sogojeva.

Sogojeva also shows what was their proposal to the Minister of Health, which is now not included in the decision.

Meanwhile, although the Ministry of Health and the Hotel Chamber have agreed among themselves, it is expected that a vote will be taken in the Government to take such a decision./express

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